about us

GOJI was designed by language students and ESL teachers, for language students and ESL teachers.

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Lucas Porter-Bakker // CEO

Lucas Porter-Bakker, President and CEO, has three master’s degrees: a M.Sc. in Business Law and Economics from Aix-Marseille University in France, a M.A. in Economics from Ghent University in Belgium and a LL.M. from Erasmus School of Law in the Netherlands. He also holds a double bachelor’s degree in political science from Concordia University in Canada, and Chinese language & culture from Beijing Foreign Studies University in China. Lucas speaks four international languages and has taught in both public and private schools throughout China, Spain, and Canada. He wrote his dissertation on international trade and investment law between Canada and China at the Institute of Law and Economics in Hamburg, Germany.

Natalie Mahabir // Educator

Natalie Mahabir has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy of Education and Sociology from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has over four years of experience teaching English throughout parts of Asia and Europe. Natalie has worked in the Netherlands with private clients of all ages (including U.N. officers and government officials) and at public schools, teaching students aged six through twelve. Natalie’s teaching experience in China includes work with NGOs such as the Jiangsu Education Center for International Exchange in Nanjing, and at Min Zhu Lu Xiao Xue private school in Xuzhou. She is a creative director and one of our four senior teachers. She can also speak three international languages.

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Toraj Vasheghani // Operator

Toraj Vasheghani has over ten years of experience managing small businesses in Toronto, Canada and Tehran, Iran. He has also conducted business with international companies in several regions in China including Guangzhou and Yiwu. Toraj has worked at Rawlinson Public School and with academic organizations such as Glenlong Community Centre in Toronto doing after-school English tutoring. In China, Toraj has managed his own private professional clients. His bachelor’s degree was multi- disciplined, including philosophy, civil engineering, mathematics, and economics at both Concordia University and Ryerson University in Toronto. He speaks three international languages.

Alex Gale // Ringer

Alex Gale went to Dalhousie University and moved to West Virginia State University on an athletic scholarship. He has over seven years of experience coaching children’s sports teams in Canada and in the United States. Alex has worked at Kunshan International School in China, and taught English to ESL learners in Toronto, Canada. He has a bachelor’s degree in science and business management, and also has experience with marketing, advertisement, and managing professional business clients in Canada. Alex has plenty of experience mentoring and after-school tutoring in Canada, namely at St. Alban’s Community Centre. Alex is our marketing director and part of our senior teaching staff. He also speaks French.

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