Being your own brand. 

You are your own brand and should do your best to promote yourself. Understand that your personal brand is how you appear to the students and you are in charge of marketing yourself. Make sure you have a short, detailed, blurb written about yourself to add to your bio page. Remember: the more a student knows about your credentials and experience, the more likely they are to hire you.



  • Make sure you have a profile picture! Students are far more likely to reach out to you if they can picture who you are. Of course, be honest about your identity in your photo.

  • Make sure your picture is a good quality image. Avoid photos that are heavily pixelated.

  • Look at your photo after uploading it to ensure it is the right dimensions and clearly shows your face.
  • Smile! Try to appear friendly, approachable, and professional.



  • Be aware of your ratings and feedback. Invite students to rate you well after a completed session as this will become a key part of your brand as well.

  • The higher you are rated, the more students are likely to call you for sessions.

  • Use student feedback to understand what you did well and also to find out what you can improve upon for future sessions.

  • Listen and respond to your student’s needs. Utilize GOJI messaging to find out the level and goals of your students in order to maximize the quality of sessions.

  • It is very important to always be prepared for your classes. Students are relying on you to be the leader of the lesson. You should always have some extra content or exercises on hand in case your lesson finishes ahead of schedule.


The final step in creating a strong, personal brand is networking. Respond to messages from students, connect with them, and build a group of favorites who you know and are comfortable teaching. Also remember that your brand is directly connected to you, so keep it up to date and relevant. Add new experiences and credentials to your bio as you gain them.